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Kiekinkosken lomamökit

Kiekinkoski Cabins

Kiekinkoski, located 36 km east from Kuhmo, northeast Finland, is surrounded with peaceful nature. At Kiekinkoski you will find plenty of opportunities for relaxation, outdoor activities, exercise, and creativity!

Since 1972

The former owner, Pentti Huotari, was born here and lived here with his wife Maire. They started renting cabins already back in 1972. As a skilled builder, Pentti designed and built the cabins himself on the shores of lakes, on the most beautiful sites, to bring happiness to his guests.

The New Generation

Gradually, the cabin rental business at Kiekinkoski came to an end, but now it’s time to start it again. We will continue on the path paved by Pentti and Maire, and bring the cabins back to life.

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During last autumn and winter, we have examined the condition of the cabins and made plans for their renovation. We aim to do the renovations in two parts during 2024–2025. We want to honour the origins of the cabins and retain their history and character.

We will improve functionality and safety by renovating terraces, paths and lighting. In future, we will also improve waste recycling by organizing a waste bin shelter by Kivikiekintie road. The shelter is available for the users of all our cabins.